By Carlos Wolf, M.D.

When you think of green, you think natural and fresh. That is exactly what I think plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments should be. Unfortunately, you often do not see “natural and fresh” when you look at some individuals who have had aesthetic treatments. Many people end up looking like caricatures of their former selves. Obviously, some people like this look. If you are not one of those people, I can provide you with advice on how to find a physician or physician assistant who can help you improve your appearance without looking exaggerated and distorted. It can be done, so there is no reason to avoid having these treatments.

When you are exploring possibilities to improve your looks, it is important to first consider your skin. If you are not properly taking care of your skin, many treatments, including surgical and non-surgical, will be less effective. The first step of good skincare in South Florida is to use sunscreen. This helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, which include decreased elasticity, increased wrinkles and rapid aging.

There are many good skin products out there. One of my favorite brands is Skinceuticals, which has an antioxidant, anti-aging line that works great. I have been using Skinceuticals for over a year, and it is the first time in 30 years I have finished a bottle and started a new one rather than switching to a new product.

Facial fillers, Botox and Dysport are among the many non-surgical treatments that effectively rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. I highly suggest that you find a physician or physician assistant who is experienced in working with these products. When selecting your provider for these treatments and surgical treatments, I recommend that you look at his or her before and after pictures. You also should look at online reviews and social media posts. Very often, this will give you a good idea of the provider’s skills and what patients think of the care and results.

There are many other treatments that can make you look fresh and beautiful without looking unnatural. When these treatments are successfully performed, you will feel and look radiant, and that will make your friends “green” with envy!

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner at Miami Plastic Surgery and is Board certified. For more information, email, call 305-595-2969, visit or follow Dr. Wolf on Instagram @carloswolfmd.

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