Shrink, Swap, Skip: How To Eat Healthier When Dining Out

By Elise Brown

Many people fall off the health wagon when dining out, but with a little forethought you really can make smarter choices. 

Skip the Appetizer 
Most appetizer choices are very rich and high in calories. 

Shrink Portion Size
Restaurants often serve portions that are three times the size of a normal portion size.  Shrink the portion size down  in half by taking half of it home to eat for another meal. 

Swap a Side Item
Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter to swap out items.  Most restaurants are happy to accommodate their guests.  For example, you can ask to swap a fattening side item for a fresh, low-calorie garden salad or steamed veggies (hold the butter). 

Choose Water
Sodas alone can be 250-300 calories or more.  Swap sugary sodas for calorie-free lemon water or herbal tea. 

Skip Dessert 
Or, if you just can’t pass it up, shrink your calorie intake in half by sharing it with a friend. 

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