By Tami Charbonnet

In a flash, the crisp season of Spring is moving behind us, and our senses connect with the warm weather, fresh aromas, bright colors and lush greenery of Summertime.  Summer’s heat brings with it a wealth of delicious ripe produce that can also help your body stay energized and hydrated.

Our sense of taste is heightened, and we naturally crave colorful, fleshy fruits.  Fleshy fruits are commonly referred to as “simple” fruits; however, these delicacies of nature are far from simple. Not only are fleshy fruits delicious, but they also fill our bodies with substantial amounts of healthy antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.  What fruits are categorized as “fleshy?”  Many of your favorite fruits fall into this category, including apples, pears, peaches, papaya, quince, mango and even avocado. 

…helping to prevent cancer, aiding in weight loss, improving digestive health, reducing cholesterol, boosting immune system strength, soothing inflammation, increasing the health of your skin, …

As the mature ovary of one or more flowers, simple fleshy fruits can have up to three identifying characteristics: (1) outer skins, (2) a single seed or seeds or (3) a stone.  Between the skin and the seed is edible, nutrient-dense flesh or tissue.  Vitamins and nutrients found in the flesh (and sometimes the skin) have substantial health benefits including cancer prevention and weight loss as well as increased digestive health, skin health, immunity and circulation and decreased cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation.

To reap the full health benefits, remember it’s always better to consume fruit in its raw, natural state rather than cooking or processing it in any way.  For optimal functioning of the human body, you need ample amounts of nutrients that are supplied by fruits in a natural or raw form.   Our busy lifestyles have created eating habits packed with preservatives and processed foods devoid of essential nutrients.  Daily consumption of fresh, natural, raw, fleshy fruits will boost your immune system and keep you feeling energized. It’s a good idea to choose to reconnect with the natural benefits of eating simple fleshy fruit. 

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