Many Americans view lunch time as just another pesky task occupying space on their to-do list. In a time crunch, busy lunch goers grasp their fork and begin hacking at their meal as though they are racing against an aggressive deadline.

So, what’s so wrong with gulping and gorging?… Everything!

Meal times are a primary way to relax, and rejuvenate. Essential for mind and body health, each and every meal deserves special care and attention.



1. Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Try doubling the time it takes to eat a meal; you really do have the time, you just need to prioritize. When you slow the pace of your lunch time meal, perhaps, not viewing your emails or taking calls, you will likely experience flavors, smells, and textures as never before.

Not only does eating too fast score a zero on the satisfaction scale, but you also mindlessly eat too much. If you eat slower and thoroughly savor the flavor, the full experience will last longer as you tease your tongue with each small, slow bite. Eating can be a very sensual experience when you take due time to engage all your senses. You will find greater satisfaction from the first non-rushed plate and won’t feel inclined to go back for second helpings.

2. Better Digestion 

The digestive process begins in the mouth as saliva marries with food and starts the breakdown. Chewing your food thoroughly promotes smooth and complete digestion, whereas gulping and gorging often lead to unpleasant heart burn. Furthermore, poor digestion inhibits the absorption of important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed for optimal health.

3. Weight Loss

It takes the brain about 15-20 minutes to start signaling feelings of fullness. The majority of Americans completely finish their meal within that time frame and begin looking for dessert before they even realize they are really full. Mindless eating may cause you to indulge in more calories at each meal, whereas, eating at a slower pace allows you to become full as you eat, giving you more control over your appetite. When you are fuller sooner, you will eat fewer calories and avoid weight gain.

Mindful Eating Exercise 

Serve yourself a smaller portion than you normally would. Before you dive in, take time to smell your food. Pause, look at each item on your plate; let the saliva begin to accumulate in your mouth even before the fork touches your tongue. Take your first bite, chew the food completely. When you think you have chewed enough, continue chewing. Try to liquefy the food in your mouth as though your teeth were a high grade blender; then swallow. Practice putting your fork down between bites. Fight the urge to talk on your phone or text while eating. Savor each and every bite; relax and enjoy the complete experience.

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