For more than 35 years, DMR has helped individuals with neurological and other medical conditions improve their quality of life. DMR’s Patient Care Coordinator helps provide patients with complex custom wheelchairs, each unique to an individual’s specific needs. The Service Coordinator assists patients with home modifications and repairs. These team members collaborate with the company’s other employees to deliver exceptional customer service.

Patient Care Coordinator Gabby shares her experiences working in DMR’s dynamic work environment.

What knowledge of power wheelchairs did you have before you started working at DMR?

None, and I did not realize how complex a power wheelchair could be as well as the process to obtain one. After years of training and experience, I now understand the complexities of a power wheelchair, specifically a Group 3. For patients and families, the insurance process can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when the diagnosis is recent. Oftentimes, people do not know where to start. That’s when I can help!

What is the Medicare process and what role do  you play in helping a patient qualify for a power wheelchair? Isn’t it as easy as obtaining a doctor’s prescription?

Most clients believe that a prescription is enough, but it is not. After determining if the patient has a qualifying neurological diagnosis, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, a Spinal Cord Injury or a Stroke, I coordinate all the necessary appointments per Medicare guidelines. I take my time with each client, explaining the process and helping guide him or her through each step.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working at DMR?

It is very gratifying to be able to deliver power wheelchairs to our clients and see joy and happiness on their faces. It is wonderful feeling knowing that we are making a difference in their lives. If you feel you or a loved one may qualify for a power wheelchair or if you have questions about the process, I encourage you to call us!

DMR is located at 10418 NW 31 Terrace in Doral. For more information, visit or call 305-666-9911.

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