By Ryan C. Lowe

Spring is the time for renewal.  It’s getting warmer and the trees are starting to bloom.  It’s time for spring cleaning.  Have you ever thought of cleaning your mind as well?

First, gain some space.

When you clean your house, first you need to get enough room to move around and see what needs to be cleaned.  To do this mentally, simply find a quiet place to relax and take three breaths.  Breathe in and hold it as long as it is comfortable, then breathe out and hold it as long as it is comfortable.  You should start to relax and feel clear.

Pick the room you want to clean.

Now that you have some free space in your mind, think about what you’d like to get rid of.  There could be quite a few things.  Don’t fret, and take it slow.  Pick one bad habit or persistent negative thought at a time and stick with working on it until you’re satisfied, then move to the next one.

Now, get to work!

Once you have some knowledge, it needs to be applied with as much intensity as a good spring cleaning.  Of course, what exact technique you’ll use will vary depending on what you chose.  Here is a good general purpose one to try.  Get a watch with a timer on it and set it to beep every 20 minutes.  Every time you hear the beep, say to yourself  “I can” and watch what happens in your mind.

Is it clean yet?

Unfortunately, our minds can take a little longer to clean than our basements.  You should give any technique that you try a good 30 days to take effect before trying something else or switching topics.  Even if you feel like you got rid of some mental dirt quickly, it’s good to make sure that it is all gone.  This will reinforce the good habits that you’re cultivating.

Keep at it!  Your mental house is a lot bigger than your physical one, but it can be cleaned.  Slow and steady really wins the race when it comes to mental dirt.


Ryan C. Lowe is a motivational keynote speaker, trainer and author of the book Get Off Your Attitude. He works with organizations that want to motivate their team members with principles that will help create a positive culture and mindset to achieve excellence.           |  (888) 669-4011

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