By: Juliane Kristine Morris

While you may not want to break into a tree, table or downward facing dog pose while you’re in line at the grocery store...

Those precious waiting moments can become great opportunities for little exercise reminders to help engage your abdominal muscles.

Once you’re in practice of using those small waiting pauses throughout your day as opportunities instead of waiting-in-line time wasters, your abdominal muscles will thank you for it.

Engaging your abdominal muscles often requires other body parts to be engaged, helping to strengthen your core. If you want to try these positions and movements subtly in public, or perhaps after every office bathroom break or some other regular occurrence, why not commit to trying a few? Your fitness level will be enhanced and enjoy some great side effects like stronger abs, improved posture, deeper breathing and a relaxed awareness of what’s happening around you.  Be sure you do have enough room around you, and be mindful of balance issues in case you become unsteady.

This first standing ab exercise engages your abs as you take hold of one of your ankles from behind and gently draw it upward, tightening your core and balancing. Hold for six seconds. Repeat on the other side. Four sets.

Standing Ab Exercise

This second standing ab exercise works your abs in a different way.  Tighten your core, and with a straight back, tip your buttocks behind you as you bring one of your legs out in front of you, resting it on your heel.  Hold for six seconds. Repeat on other side.  Four sets. 

Standing Ab Exercise

This third standing ab exercise works your abs, elongating them while engaged. Engage your core, placing one of your legs behind you, heel down, while reaching your arms and upper body up and away from your midsection, reaching forward, equal balance on both feet. Hold for six seconds. Repeat on other side. Four sets. 

Standing Ab Exercise

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