By Elizabeth Impastato

The ability to stay connected can be difficult for most people.  You might have been guilty of promising to keep in touch with friends.  Staying connected has been even more of a challenge due to the limited ability of social engagements for the past year.  How are you staying connected with others you know?  Have you found a way to meet new people?  What have you done to STAY CONNECTED with you?  

The ability to stay connected with yourself is most important.  If you stay connected to yourself it is easy to connect with others.  The internet has been a helpful tool for most to stay connected with others.  What about the ability to stimulate your mind by learning something new?  Yes, the internet can help with learning too.  Connecting with yourself is the ability to challenge yourself, trying something totally different from the usual routine.  Think of this as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  Not that you must be uncomfortable to stay connected but get comfortable.  Try doing one activity for 15 minutes every night.  Reading a book before bed, listening to music.  Even exercise could be something done for yourself.  When you are ready to advance, add another activity.  

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy has services that can help you stay connected.  The Private Painting Lessons are designed in two packages giving the best personal attention for you.  The Drawing Journey is private drawing lessons that build on each class as you take the journey through each package.  These are set around your schedule allowing you to have the time for yourself.  To learn more about all the services Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy has to offer visit us online or in person.  

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