Many women struggle to lose unwanted weight because they are ill-prepared for the challenge. These 3 expert tips will help you start to analyze your weaknesses and empower you to end the weight loss struggle.

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[tab title=”Do not resist resistance training“]

Women in particular seem to have a greater struggle with weight loss than do their male counterparts. But, do not get discouraged, there are physiological reasons why the struggle is greater for women than for men. The mystery is in the muscle. Genetically, women have less muscle mass than men. Why is muscle mass important? Muscle is metabolically active which means it burns far greater calories than fat tissue. Simply put, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn.

Don’t be an aerobics queen! Aerobic rooms worldwide are filled with women struggling to lose body fat. Aerobics is a great way to burn calories, but it is not the cure all. You may be surprised to learn that intense weight training often burns far more calories than a step aerobics class. What is more, anaerobic training (weight training) continues to burn calories after you leave the gym. Many women are either intimidated by weight lifting or fearful that they will bulk up. You don’t have to be intimidated, remember knowledge is power. Start with the basics and go from there. The key things to remember are proper form and focus. If you focus on what muscles you are working, always attentive to your posture, you will be off to a successful start. You need not worry about bulking up. Unless your gene pool got scrambled and you possess the equivalence of male testosterone, you will not bulk up! Dispel your fears and just start lifting; it’s the only way to achieve that coveted toned look.


[tab title=”Make the time“]The second reason women struggle is their schedules leave them feeling defeated. Women are some of the busiest creatures on earth and life can easily become overwhelming. However, it is possible to tame the whirlwind and get everything accomplished. First, write down your priorities. Ask yourself: What things are most important to get accomplished each day? Just about everyone will say they want to eat healthier and exercise. Well, now is the time to start doing! Set aside time for these important things and stick to that schedule. Second, prepare for success. Results do not happen randomly. Decide what healthy eating program and workout routine you use to help you achieve effective results. Stick to the plan. Many people fail when they lack consistency. Do not allow unexpected things to take you off course. Lastly, a key to getting the body you want is overcoming unhealthy habits. What are your bad habits? What is actually standing in the way of your size 4 jeans? Write it down. Determine which habits you want to change, and begin working on them one at a time. Adopting a long term healthy lifestyle is the only key to ending the weight loss struggle.[/tab]
[tab title=”Get over the guilt trip“]You feel guilty if you work out because you are taking time for yourself. You feel guilty if you don’t work out because you know you should. Guilt is a self-defeating emotion; it’s a dieter’s kryptonite. Don’t struggle with those emotions; you must move beyond the guilt. Likely, 90% of your day is spent taking care of household and other responsibilities, so you should not feel guilty if you choose to spend 10% of your day caring for yourself. Exercise can be one of the best outlets for easing daily stressors; it can help you rejuvenate and refocus. If you are going to end the weight loss struggle once and for all, you cannot allow yourself to struggle with guilt. Set yourself as a priority. Go ahead; allow yourself to get the body you want now![/tab]


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