By: Whitney Alexandra   |   Photos: Bri Johnson   |   Model: Kristy Parsons   |   Hair & Makeup: Carey Duprey 

While driving in a 1955 Chevy down the narrow dirt streets of Cuba’s Old Havana, my senses were IH_Cuba_Kristy_By_BriJohnson3awakened by the vibrant colors, loud music, architecture, people socializing and distinctive styles. As we continued our journey into the downtown area, we rolled down the windows hoping to catch a cross breeze that would give relief to the hot, humid air. The local fashion styles became more defined and profound as we entered the city center.
Cuba’s multicultural influences are prevalent within the spectrum of fashion styles. Women’s wardrobes are composed of bright colors and designs inspired from architectural and natural forms. Traditional costumes like the Rumba dress can be seen in the streets, along with a new attitude of time-infused fashions that showcase a more Western influence. Casual wear reflects a dominant Cuban style by meshing unique prints, bright colors and bold jewelry. Due to the warm climate, women often wear headwraps, braids or their hair pulled back to help keep cool in the humid weather.
cuba4The beautiful thing about traveling to Cuba and observing the fashion style was the opportunity to bring a sense of it back to the USA. Following in-depth research, I found a socially responsible, Los Angeles-based fashion brand line called Della. Although Della works directly with a community in Ghana, their aesthetic is synchronistic with many of today’s Cuban fashions. Della is a brand well worth exploring to add unique pieces to your wardrobe. Each piece is handmade and hand-dyed in Ghana, featuring fabulous prints that add a pop to any outfit.
Today’s Western fashions have become very minimalistic and sometimes monotonous. Add a touch of culture to your outfit, whether it is a timeless garment from Della or a bold accessory piece, and bring some color to your lifestyle this summer! 


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From product development to personal shopping and wardrobe styling, Whitney has conquered several aspects of the fashion industry. Whitney is inspired by the busy streets of NYC … and loves to incorporate street style into everything she wears!

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