By Whitney Alexandra

Stripes have been around for years. Whether they served as the main focus of an outfit or as an accent piece, we are no stranger to these fashion trends. The nice thing about stripes is that this super trend seems to have a twist to them each season and this spring is no different. This year, it’s all about bold, bigger, and more prominent stripes. It’s about trendy, chic pinstripes, and it’s about stripes with a lot of comfort involved. 

For years they were the classic attire for business women. You’d find them in pantsuits, button-ups, and tailored blazers, but now they are so much more. One of the biggest trends for stripes this spring is big, bold stripes on maxi or calf-length dresses. It’s easy and comfortable and it looks chic and effortless. This also applies to wearing wide-leg pants with stripes. Pair them with a cotton tee or an oversized button-up, which is also big for spring this year, and you have the perfect outfit for running errands.

Don’t fret if you don’t like the bold and edgy look–pinstripes are still in, but this year they’re a little more fun. These pinstripes have more of a textured look, and they are great to wear as tops, pants and our favorite, jumpsuits – because who doesn’t love a great jumpsuit? 70’s anyone! 

This leads us to another blast-from-the-past: cutouts. Yup, the cutout is back, but you can keep it subdued and classy by wearing it in the neckline of a striped shirt, giving you the look of the season. 

Now let’s be honest, it’s easy to find these latest spring fashion trends in all the department stores and up-scale boutiques, but most of those don’t use organic, sustainable fabrics. As much as the runway shows promote the latest and greatest trends, they often forget the biggest trend of all, supporting our environment. Luckily, there are some amazing stores offering the season’s must-haves that are super fashionable, while helping our world, all at the same time. One of my personal favorites is Study NY, which utilizes sustainable techniques and materials, while educating the consumer. They offer a variety of trendy, chic looks that cater to everyone, making it easier than ever to shop your favorite looks in a sustainable fashion. 

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