Most kids, by nature, absolutely love the outdoors. You can mesh their love of nature with a little healthy adventure by taking your sprouts veggie picking. 

As the spring and summer months approach, lots of yummy produce will be growing bountifully. Everything from asparagus, herbs, tomatoes and sweet, delicious berries will be bursting forth on farms across the United States. If you do not know of a local farm, you can visit to find a farm near you. The web site has a listing of pick-your-own farms by state, city, and county. It also has a complete harvest calendar by region so you know exactly what is in season. If you are a newbie picker, no need to worry, the web site is complete with “how to” tips and farm rules. There are also very helpful tips on what to do with your produce once picked. For example, you may want to explore all the options for preserving your precious produce, like freezing, canning, dehydrating, etc.

Even if you have to take a little trip to get to the nearest pick-your-own-farm, it can prove to be a fun and eventful day for the entire family. It will likely be well vested quality family time. Not only is veggie picking fun for kids, it is educational and they are more encouraged to enjoy the fruits of their labor—literally. 

Here are a few tips for your picking day from

  •  Pack for a day trip – always bring snacks, hand towels or disposable wipes and plenty of liquids to drink.
  •  Include containers for picking and for carrying produce home (smaller containers are better for children’s smaller hands). 
  •  Dress in old clothes and worn athletic shoes. You want to be comfortable and not worried about staining or tearing your clothes. 
  •  Wide-brimmed hats help protect you from the sun. 

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