Greetings Mandeville!

I am so excited to share this with my hometown! It finally dawned on me earlier this year while visiting a health food store in Tupelo, MS that not only is Mandeville without a proper health food and wellness center, it doesn’t have a proper juice bar either! In that moment I realized two things:

  • Numero uno, I could totally do this for my family and community.
  • Numero dos, wow this would be a lot of hard work! 

The Concept Evolves…

2019 is finally here, and indeed after a lot of hard work, Sacred Earth is now open! However, the original concept evolved much faster than I expected before opening (and in the best of ways!). Naturally, I knew I would be offering strictly the highest quality and premium supplements available in our health food industry, as well as fresh cold-pressed organic juices, Raw organic Sacred Earth granola bars, and so on. But then, this thought occurred, “hold up, if I’m not educating the community on the ‘how’s’ and ‘whys’ of a health-conscious lifestyle, I’m not truly giving Mandeville all the best I have to offer.”

An Educational Event Center is Born…

Imagine that! Not only will you be able to pick up and enjoy your favorite wellness products 7 days a week, you’ll also be able to learn about them too (how cool is that?). At the center, we stream live product webinars and trainings, host consumer lectures and workshops, offer live product demonstrations, and more. As you might guess, our events calendar is filling up quickly so please make sure to stay tuned for exciting updates, new events, and do keep an eye out for the reserved seating events too.

The New Year, The New You…

Join us as we confidently embrace 2019 with energy and style! And if you’re thinking of putting a bit more pep in your step, perhaps with a good old fashion cleanse, detox, or diet–we not only have what you need to get the results you’re after, but the knowledge and encouragement to keep you feeling supported as well.

See you soon!

310 Dalwill Dr., Mandeville, 70471
Instagram: @sacredearthco
Facebook: @sacredearthcompany

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