By Elizabeth Impastato

Taking Risks can become an art form if you learn ways to conquer your fear. 

Emotions play a big role in life.  The emotions that hold us back from taking a step forward can also paralyze our future.  Fear is the emotion that helps protect us from harm.  Sometimes, unpleasant memories prevent us from taking risks for fear of failure.  Taking risks require us to make decisions with unpredictable outcomes. 

What motivates us to overcome fear?  What persuades us to let go and take the leap?  Imagining a positive outcome of the risk can help motivate you to set a goal and achieve the positive result.  The ability to challenge yourself reinforces your courage of facing obstacles.  When you achieve the desired result, you build strength and perseverance.  T.S. Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy offers private art lessons working to help expand the ability to take risks and grow.  The painting and drawing lessons are design to help each individual work at the highest level of creativity.  Our painting packages allow you to set boundaries for yourself without worrying about comparing your work to others.  Learning to take a little risk by trying something new and fun will only help develop your wisdom, strength and compassion.  The art of taking risks presents different perspectives from which to view your world.  New perspectives give you the confidence to express the emotions placed on canvas.  This is how beautiful artwork is created.

To learn all the services offered by, Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy, please visit us at the gallery located in Chenier Market in Mandeville at 1901 US 190 STE. 28 or the website

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