By Lisa Glennie

You are frustrated about your health. Popular mainstream health care just doesn’t seem to be working for you. It is complicated, confusing and it just seems to manage your health and not create vibrant health. I understand where you are coming from, I was there once too. It is not your fault, it is deep in our culture. It is all that we are exposed to, unless we look beyond it.

The answers may seem hard to find, but if you venture just a little bit outside of conventional medicine you find the Emotion Code.                                

It is the people who dare to go beyond, who find true healing, both physically and emotionally. The Emotion Code is the real answer.

I believe that everyone has the ability to be vibrantly healthy and I know deep down you do too. You want to feel great, you want control of your health. Health is not complicated, in fact, it’s pretty easy, and here is how.

Throughout our lives, we experience events that cause negative emotions to become trapped in our bodies. These trapped emotions can distort our energy field and eventually our physical field, causing illness. They can also get in the way emotionally, making life and relationships difficult.

Using muscle testing and the Emotion Code, I very easily, quickly and painlessly remove those negative energies one by one, from your field and your body begins to heal. All of you heals.Your life heals. You become vibrantly healthy.

I not only remove these negative energies, I teach you the skills and tools to keep your new improved life in full swing. Your new vibrant healing state will become second nature to you. Life and health will be easier. I have done it for myself and many others.

Schedule a session with me today and let’s begin your vibrant health journey!

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