By Elizabeth Impastato

The way artists view the area around them has always been of interest to other people.  Have you ever looked at the artwork of your favorite artist to try and figure out what inspired them to paint?  Why did the artist use the colors or the position of a subject matter in the painting?  What was the artist feeling while creating the artwork?

The artist that captures life on canvas or paper views the area around them with great detail.  The angles and contrast of light to dark colors, shapes of objects are stored in just one blink of the eye.  The ability to communicate the mood with great passion while taking the viewer into the artwork is the goal of most artists.  Each process of art is the example of what is felt with strong emotions and passion by the artist.  The artist works with determination to put all of the wonderful beauty of life into canvas for the viewer to slow down enough and enjoy the view.

The next time you walk past a painting, stop and enjoy the artwork.  Let the art speak to you.  Try to study the different colors and brush marks made by the artist.  Just by slowing down and viewing the texture, color and smell of the space that you are in at this moment will help you develop the eye view of an artist.

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy is the art gallery of Mandeville, Louisiana.  The gallery sells only one of a kind original art.  Impastato Gallery offers private painting lessons and the “Drawing Journey” designed by Eric Mondello.

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy
Phone: 985-778-5338 in the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901 Hwy. 190, Suite 28.

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