While COVID-19 has played a big role in the demise of many businesses and created a tremendous amount of stress among others, there are still those who are worse off than us.  Many charities that rely on events and donations to generate funding are struggling because of the pandemic.  If you can support these charities, do it now to keep their good will flowing in the community and their doors open.

Where to Start?
If you would like to support a non-profit, but do not know where to start, think local. There are many local organizations that do not have the benefit of national funding.  Small groups that do a lot of good are right here in your home town. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce website for a listing near you.

Here Are Some Local Non-Profits That Can Use Your Help

The Hospice House is a privately owned, 3-bedroom home that takes in patients on hospice services.  We provide a 24-hour caregiver free of charge to families in need.  Each room has its own private bathroom and screened porch.  There is also a central living room, kitchen and dining room for families to congregate to feel comfortable.   

We are solely run from donations and fundraisers.  Go to www.thehospicehouse.org for more information about the Crawfish Cookoff, Northshore on Tap and Wine and Dine with Hospice.  You can also donate on our website or mail a check to P.O. Box 5806, Slidell, La 70469.

The Hospice House has contracts with several hospice agencies.  If you or a loved one need hospice services, we have resources for you.  Please call us at 985-643-5470.  We are happy to explain our services and give you a tour of the house so you can see if we are a fit for your family.

A Family That Inspires
Ricky and Julie Mire of Kenner, founded the Miracle Beauties Pageant in June, 2015 for their daughter, Hannah, who is a special needs child. They were looking for events or activities that she could participate in that would bring her joy, and a non-competitive beauty pageant for special needs children was just the ticket. Every girl wants to be a princess, and that’s exactly what these beautiful little girls get when they participate. The non-profit organization receives funding through donations and sponsors so that the pageant registration is free for participants. Each contestant wins a crown, trophy and banner, plus a basket of other gifts that are donated. The excited look on the faces of these beautiful girls is heart-warming. The girls light up when they win their crown. To top it off, Santa Claus makes an appearance to take pictures with the beauties. The entire Mire family (including their in-laws the Morans and cousins) lovingly help Julie and Ricky with the pageant. Kudos to the Mire family and friends for making this an event these beauties will remember forever. 

Potential contestants can sign up by requesting an application through facebook, email ibrick033@aol.com or call Ricky 504.512.4274 or Julie 504.512.4273. Please visit our facebook page for more inforamation. Miracle-Beauties-Pageant on facebook.com.

To make donations to Miracle Beauties Pageant, send checks to 3341 Maryland Avenue, Kenner LA 70065. They are also accepting credit card donations by phone at 504-512-4274. All donations are tax deductible 

The Al Copeland Foundation
Louisiana ranks high in cancer diagnoses yet receives less than one percent of nationally awarded financial resources for cancer research. ACF provides needed local funding for research and programs that hope to be the foundation for tomorrow’s cures. All employee expenses and general overhead costs are paid by the Copeland Family of Restaurants.


In 8 short years, ACF has donated over $1.3 Million to cancer research and helped support critical research programs including:

  • $1 Million Al Copeland/Cancer Crusaders Endowed Chair in Neuroendocrine Cancer at LSU Health Sciences Center
  • Copeland/LSUHSC Partnership in Cancer, Viruses & Immunotherapy
  • Helped open the first clinic for HIV-AIDS patients with cancer in the Gulf South region
  • Helped initiate a new clinical trial of lung cancer vaccine at LSUHSC


The cure for cancer could be found at any time, in any place. Our goal is to make it happen here and now. We CAN find the cure…LSUHSC has already made these incredible discoveries, to mention a few:

  • LSUHSC conducted a landmark study showing that second-hand smoke can cause lung cancer in people who have never smoked. These findings led the Environmental Protection Agency to designate second-hand smoke as a Class A carcinogen.
  • LSUHSC was the first to link cigarette smoking to hardening of the arteries – the major cause of heart disease.
  • LSUHSC discovered the link between treatable bacteria – Helicobacter pylori – and stomach cancer.

The support from ACF is helping LSUHSC do more cancer research that will eventually save lives. With the federal research budget shrinking, fewer grants are being funded and that means less research can be done.

The ACF support helped LSUHSC develop a unique program in viruses, cancer, and immunotherapy. Funding supports research on how viruses are involved in the development of cancer and new approaches to stop or prevent it.

ACF support will help bring new clinical trials of new drugs and treatments to patients in this region. This kind of research is expensive. Clinical trials are expensive. They require an administrative as well as an organizational structure. Specialized nursing care is necessary to administer the trials. Administrative support is necessary to interact with the FDA and other regulatory agencies, collect data, meet reporting requirements, etc. But it’s how we move forward and make a real difference. One of the best examples of this is the HPV vaccine.

TOGETHER we can Change the Course of Cancer. Our ACF family is strong and diverse including accomplished talented researchers, passionate volunteers, premiere community leaders, cancer survivors and more.

YOU CAN HELP! Sign up to donate or  receive our ACF Newsletter today! www.alcopelandfoundation.org.

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