Image Above: CEO Andy Hernandez participating in a turkey giveaway at an Adult Day Care during Thanksgiving.

By Bill Kress

The idea of “adding value” is at the core of  The Roads Home Health Care operation. After all, allowing patients to recover in their preferred setting, their own home, is the very definition of “adding value” – to an individual’s life. 

And statistics prove it. Most people recover faster and stronger when allowed to recover at home.

“Adding value” is more than a buzz term, it’s a mandate that has become a baseline expectation at The Roads Home Health Care (TRHH) for patients, employees, and the community our agency serves,” said the Director of Public Relations Carlos Coello.

“The Roads Home Health Care stands out so much more because we truly believe in adding value to everything we do.”

And that starts with giving expert advice.

A Step Above

According to Coello, TRHH recognizes that its patients are in a very difficult point in their lives. “So every little thing our staff does to add value and to go above and beyond for our patients really does make a difference to them.”

To be sure, TRHH offers myriad “added value” programs for patients, including providing  Cardiac Care Services (CHC) for patients diagnosed with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and other coronary diseases.

By providing patients with disease-specific education of symptoms and medication management, it is easy to see how TRHH nurses are adding value to the lives of their patients. They are helping them to achieve the outcomes they need to reduce hospitalizations, re-hospitalizations, and frequent ER visits.

Field Ambassadors

Hospital-based social workers and case managers are key to ensuring patients have fast access to TRHH’s high quality brand of services when the time comes for them to leave make their way back home.

So here, too, is an important area where TRHH’s philosophy of adding value plays out – in fostering relationships with these “ambassadors” in the field.

According to Coello, case Managers and social workers are essential to the agency’s outreach and patient referral efforts, so TRHH makes a real effort to “look out for them,” thanking them for all they do for our seniors.

Valued Workers

Adding value in the workplace also makes great business sense for TRHH.

“We work hard at treating our employees with great respect and honor so that they’ll become brand advocates,” says Coello. In fact, TRHH has created a culture that ensures employees are listened to, their opinions and input are solicited – and they get the kudos they deserve.

“We like to treat our people like the stars they are,” said Coello.

Take it From the Top

CEO Andy Hernandez is a true leader on this front, says Coello, “by keeping his ear to the ground, so to speak.”

“Andy makes it a habit to tune in to podcasts, blogs, and case studies by other emerging leaders to identify how they are creating more value in novel and effective ways.”

Coello notes that this is one of the main reasons The Roads Home Health Care is so successful having grown from just 30 patients when the company was founded to nearly 200 patients today.

Community Spirit

But TRHH reaches out externally as well, adding value throughout the South Florida community.

Last November, TRHH created a team under Baptist Health of South Florida to support the American Heart Association Heart Walk – which helped bring in more than $110,000 in donations.

“This is all about giving back to the community, working with other people within our field and stepping up – quite literally,” said Coello.

More recently, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TRHH custom created shirts to help raise awareness. Looking ahead, they hope to form a team for the Autism Speaks Walk, while continuing their tradition of distributing Thanksgiving food baskets to needy families of patients.

Such activities don’t just help the community – they create a wellspring of pride among employees that they are part of the TRHH family. 

About TRHH

Since 2006, The Roads Home Health Care has specialized in providing skilled nursing and therapeutic care to homebound patients enrolled in Medicare in Miami Dade and Broward Counties.

For information, call 305-860-7797 or visit

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