by Tami Charbonnet

We can all use a little extra support from time to time. That is why The Carrot Patch of  Thibodaux offers a wide array of nutritional and lifestyle supplements to help the bayou region community stay at peak performance all year long. The Carrot patch also has a fantastic juice bar and lunch menu full of fresh, organic, and nutrient dense foods. 

Owner, Deborah Sweatman Stentz is well respected in the community for her vast knowledge of alternative holistic treatment for ailments.   As a native New Yorker, Deborah brings her urban “no-nonsense” personality to her business that is quietly nestled between beautiful downtown Thibodaux and the bayou.  When asked questions concerning why a customer may be suffering from bad habits such as too much fat in their diet or too much fast food, she will preface with statements like “If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask questions!”  
Deborah guides her customers carefully, and helps them choose supplements from highly reputable brands; ensuring that each purchase will be pure, high quality, and effective.   She also carries a full line of organic essential oils.  Roz Morello, Deborah’s “right hand,” is a certified aroma-
therapist who offers her services at Carrot Patch.  Customers keep
coming back after finding the perfect remedy or supplement that caters to their needs and individual goals. Whether you’re searching for basics like daily multivitamins, or you’re looking to help boost health during cold and flu season, she is ready to help.

The Carrot patch will have been in business for 40 years in May.  For 40 years, Deborah has been against promotion of fad diets.  Her goal is
to teach people to eat clean… get back to basics: 

“Think back to eating a piece of baked free range chicken, fresh vegetables and a potato.   Stay away from boxed processed foods. “ 

Did you know The Carrot Patch is not only a local health food store, juice bar and cafe, but also a community herbal supplement center?   Your questions will be answered concerning what supplements are best for you and your family.  

Owner, Deborah is an organic herbal practitioner who specializes in natural alternatives, preventative treatment, and she truly cares about each and every person who walks through the door of  The Carrot patch.   Healthy herbal supplement programs and lifestyle changes for the entire family are the focus of Deborah’s practice.  At the Carrot Patch, you and your family will benefit from the pioneers who inspired the road to wellness in the bayou country. 

The Carrot Patch
819 West 1st Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301

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