By Christian Dischler

The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance

Tom Brady’s professional career has spanned multiple generations, upending what we once knew about the human body’s potential.  With a record 7 Superbowl titles, Brady attributes his successes to the “TB12 Method”, an exercise and nutritional program he developed with “Body Coach” Alex Guerrero.  The Method follows a strict framework which adheres to several cornerstones of holistic medicine that aim to optimize our bodies.  But it’s not impossible or exclusive to Brady, and by following some guidelines developed by the duo, you can also enjoy prolonged athletic prowess. 

An obvious entry into every athlete’s handbook, hydration in TB12 has a set of rules that might not be as blatant.  It recommends starting your day off with 20 oz. of electrolyte-enhanced water, and then drinking half of your body weight in liquid ounces throughout the day, with added electrolytes before and during exercise.  There are also restrictions on drinking water with meals claiming it interferes with our body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.  Drink water 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after, but not in combination with eating. 

The TB12 Method is designed for maximizing our body’s potential for performance, recovery and pliability through nutrition.  This means it’s imperative to follow an 80:20 ratio with 80 percent of your nutritional intake comprised of organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.  This puts a focus on fiber rich foods that help us feel full throughout the day.  The remaining 20 percent should be grass-fed, organic, antibiotic, hormone-free lean meats and wild caught seafood.  The objective is to avoid acidifying and pro-inflammatory foods such as nightshades, oils, soy, GMOs, or gluten-heavy and highly processed products. 

Brady and Guerrero subscribe to the belief that our bodies need to achieve pliability to ensure longevity.  Brady attributes his lengthy career to the fact that his muscles have been able to withstand repeated impact from aggressive NFL hits.   This means that the muscles are soft, long and malleable; as opposed to bulky, dense and stiff.  Muscle pliability is accomplished through a regiment of integrative exercises that combines hands-on, targeted massage techniques from Guerrero, with simultaneous muscle contractions from Brady.  No weight-lifting or heavy machinery involved, just resistance training.  Cognitive pliability is also important, so train your brain when you aren’t focused on your body.

Another foundation of TB12, sleep and recovery are habits to master in the path to longevity.  Following a rigid sleep schedule and providing yourself time for recovery empowers your body in conjunction with the rest of the method.  Turn off your technology 30 minutes before bed and recenter your mind so your body may excel.

“We’ve been educated around how we look.  But feeling better-that’s the key.”
–Tom Brady

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