By Shirin Mehdi

Fall/Winter 2020 Trends for Men

Wow!  What a year this has been.  Seems like we’ve lived an entire lifetime.  Through the highs and lows of it all, have you forgotten where your style quotient stands?  It is that time of the year again when you can hang up those coats and dress up again.  And, if it feels like you’ve forgotten how to, I’ve got your back.

Listen up, gentlemen!  Featuring the Inherent FW2020 collection that showcases a trendy yet classic line of suits and coats that offer the right amount of edge to your wardrobe this season.  Take your pick.

Colors of The Season
Find your grounding and connect with Gaia as you sashay through fall in tones of the Earth.  Colors ranging from charcoal to the medium-dark grays, dark browns and olive greens are trending this fall.

Patterns for The Season
Channeling the Lords of the Oxford, the patterns for the season are English inspired.  You will see a whole lot of pinstripes, window panes, and the prince of wales in the fall this year.

Lapel Game On
They give you an illusion of having bigger shoulders.  They work especially well when you don’t want your suits to look formal.  They are the peak lapels.  Look out for them this season.

Fabric Trends 2020
Flannel and Tweed are fall favorites and they are here to stay.  A pro-tip: look for fabrics that weigh about 0.66lb so that you feel the right amount of warmth.

Button Style FW 2020
The double-breasted suit will rule the button roost this autumn.  Keep a watch for certain specific styles too.

Theres no stopping you from looking dapper nowso what are you waiting for? Suit up Fellas!

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