Look in the mirror. What do you see? As you stand before the mirror, turning to the left and right and then to the back, is your mental conversation mostly composed of negative, self-defeating thoughts? If so, any success you obtain from a fitness program will be short lived. If you want to be successful, especially for the long-term, you have to think positively about yourself! Continually imagine yourself as you want to be — think fit and healthy!

Mental health experts will tell you that the mental images you most often visualize can indeed affect your life. In fact, these mental images have the power to make a negative or positive impact on your life. The power lies in the subconscious mind; the subconscious mind accepts these constant mental pictures as reality. Over time you actually start to believe what you imagine, you act accordingly, and unconsciously work toward making your mental imagery a reality in your life.


This technique is called creative visualization. It can be a powerful tool in achieving health goals.


Create a vision of how you want to feel and imagine it incessantly. Your mind will act according to your vision, influencing your behavior to make your vision a reality. For creative visualization to work to your advantage, you must be aware of your thoughts and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Visualize your goal again and again. Eventually, your old mindset will change; your new powerful one will lead you to success. Visualization it’s an essential and necessary tool for positive change that every dieter should think about implementing. A healthy mind set is often the missing element in achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

Inspire Health Tip:

When I first begin working with a client I have them create a visualization collage for me. A visualization collage is an exercise that helps prep the mind for success. You can make your own visualization collage by cutting images from a magazine that visually picture who you want to be and how you want to look. Paste the images on a poster board and hang it in a place where you can see it every day.

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