By Unni Greene, Sports Nutrition Specialist

Here are a few important habits you can practice to improve your health, fitness, longevity and happiness…


Exercise not only is vital for weight loss or maintenance; it also helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension. It’s important to vary your workouts because doing the same routine loses its effect over time. Try a group class or a few personal training sessions to get out of an exercise rut. And remember to break a sweat every day with exercise!

Eat Less Meat and Protein

The World Health Organization revised its recommendations regarding protein intake, especially red meat and processed meat products. Experts believe consuming too much of this kind of protein increases your risk of cancer. Eat more fish, whole grains and beans, and try going meatless one day a week.  

Eat More Raw Vegetables and Unprocessed Food

Raw fruits and vegetables provide more fiber and vitamins and minerals than their cooked counterparts. The fiber helps you stay regular and decreases your risk of developing high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. 

Cut Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol adds empty calories and has a detrimental effect on the liver – a vital organ in charge of detoxifying and stimulating fat burning and hormone production. Fat burning decreases by 30 percent when you drink alcohol! And daily drinking makes men more vulnerable to disease and can lead to a bloated, rigid stomach in mid-life.  

Reduce Stress

It is my opinion that stress is extremely detrimental to your health and well-being, and yet most people do very little to reduce it. Reap the health benefits by lowering your stress level with activities such as massage, reading, listening to music and intimacy with your loved one.   

Adopt these healthy habits and enjoy fewer sick days, greater energy and a slimmer waistline. 

Unni Greene is the co-owner of SoMi Fitness, a fully equipped, state-of-the-art personal training facility. She is a Master Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist. 305.669.1997.

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