By Liz Strand

It doesn’t matter if you are sporting designer duds.  If they don’t fit, you won’t look as good as you feel.  The right fit can make the difference between looking sharp versus looking sloppy.  Here are the top 5 signs that your clothes don’t fit you as well as you think.

There’s a gap in your blouse buttons.
The most common sign that your shirt is too small for your frame is the button gap.  It may fit your shoulder and the rest of your upper torso correctly, but your bust could be stretching the fabric in the middle.  Looking for a shirt that fits in the all the right places can be tricky.  Fashion experts recommend stocking up on flowing blouses to make it comfortable to wear a top that fits right.

Your belly sticks out.
If you need to suck in your gut constantly or you find it hard to breathe and relax, then your clothes are too tight.  A muffin top is one sign that you are wearing jeans a couple of sizes too small.  Your jeans should comfortably hug your waist and stay that way when you sit down.  A good trick is to fit two fingers between the denim waistline and the hips.  If lack of space forbids you to do so, then you need to get a bigger size.

Your shirt is too short when sitting down.
When you sit down, your shirt should be long enough to cover your waist.  If the seam rides up and exposes your waist as you sit down, you need a longer shirt.

Your shorts ride up.
One way to know if your shorts are too short is if the front hem rides up while you are standing up.  This is a tell-tale sign that your shorts are too tight around the waist and short in length.  Obviously, if your rear end peaks out of your shorts, they are too short.

Your thighs bulge out.
If your thighs bulge out from under the seam of your shorts, they are too tight.  If your denim-clad legs look like wrapped sausages and the fabric creases horizontally in some areas, you are wearing jeans that are a size too small for you.

Avoiding clothes that do not fit right only requires some common sense.  Remembering these tips can help ensure that the next piece of clothing you buy is a comfortable and flattering fit. 

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