Seeds-NutsThe mind is a very powerful thing! Hypothetically, our thoughts can be likened to seeds we plant in our minds. These seeds can grow into something good or bad; they can essentially heal or hinder. Here are 3 ways to plant and cultivate good seed thoughts to grow to greater mind-body wellness:


Nearly all humans seek to become better individuals. Whether the change you seek is mental or physical, only you can make that change happen. Émile Coué, a renowned physician of the early 1900s coined the phrase, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” His method is one of autosuggestion. He proposed that an ill person could greatly improve if he truly believed he would get better. His method had great success among his patients and is an enduring tried and true method even to our day. You must first believe you can become better.


Positive thinking and mantra recitation can do much to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, improve your total health, or achieve a fitness goal, you must know and believe that you can and will succeed. Negative thinking inhibits progress and produces setbacks, impeding long lasting success. Tell yourself you can do it. You can achieve your goals!


Your mind is a powerful tool and you are absolutely in control. You are the captain of your thoughts and you can steer yourself along a beautiful journey. You can create change at any moment. You can makeover your mind by beginning to plant good seed thoughts.

You alone are the farmer and cultivator or your life, and only you can produce beautiful things in abundance. You can create your own happiness, your own success, and your own change! Plant and grow positive, kind, loving seed thoughts to create a better you!


Stress can overwhelm your thoughts, producing anguish, anger, fear and other negative emotions. Maintaining stress levels through a wellness routine of deep breathing, massage therapy, nature seeking, and a healthy diet and exercise program can do much to help your brain relax. After all, a relaxed mind is a healthier, more productive mind.




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