By Christian Dischler

Imagine your family gathering around to watch a documentary about you, created by professional filmmakers.  Your loved ones laugh at your stories.  Your memories and life lessons connect with them.

Now imagine if that documentary didn’t exist.

How will they remember you in a way that isn’t frozen in a photograph?

Will your voice become nothing but a memory?

The memories you share from generation to generation define the legacies that you’ve lived.  They’re a part of your heritage and sharing those moments with the people closest to you is one of life’s greatest joys.

Who will narrate these personal memories if you’re not around?

Don’t you want your children and grandchildren to see your smile and hear your voice when you tell your life’s story?

Chronicle Your Legacy captures your essence and transforms it into an eternal moment to be shared over and over and not forgotten.  You’ll sit down for a personalized interview and illustrate your story as you weave your family history into a living tapestry.

It’s your life’s story in your words. A documentary about your legacy that your family can experience long after you’ve passed on.

Chronicle Your Legacy is a unique way to ensure your heritage lives on forever from your perspective through a professional lens.

“I know how important creating a lasting impression with your family is.  When my grandfather passed away, my daughter was just over a year old, and at that moment I realized she would never be able to hear his voice or experience his story.  There was regret and I knew that I didn’t want to lose that opportunity with my parents, so Chronicle Your Legacy was born,” said Armando Leduc, founder and CEO of Leduc Entertainment.

“Interviewing them brought out memories and emotions that neither of us expected.  The element of creating the video, asking personal questions and going through old photos was an experience we’ll never forget.  And now I know my daughter won’t forget it either.  It’s exciting to think about how we will watch it for the rest of our lives, and she can pass it down to her kids and so on.”

Tell your life’s work how it’s meant to be and share the lessons you’ve learned with your loved ones.

Your family will be impacted by your memories long after the curtain closes, and your legacy will live on forever.

“They made me feel very comfortable during the interview process.  Things flowed very smoothly based off of the questions.  I was also very impressed with the editing process.  Seeing my life on film with old pictures and video really brought me back to those times.  I highly recommend scheduling a Chronicle your Legacy video for you and your family.” –Terry Rappold

Leduc Entertainment offers several Chronicle Your Legacy packages to fit anyone’s needs.

Call 504.451.3061 today to preserve your legacy, or visit for more info.

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