By Christian Dischler

Picture yourself looking into the mirror.

You see a new wrinkle or an old scar that feels like a billboard for your age.  Your hair looks thin.

You lean in to make sure it’s only bad lighting but it’s not.  Insecurity creeps in.

Everyone gets frustrated with their skin or thinning hair.  It’s a part of life.

What if there was a natural way you could turn back time on aging?  Wouldn’t you want to use your body’s built-in healing powers to look younger?

Good Morning America called it the 15 minute shortcut to the fountain of youth.  Celebrities swear by it.  Now you can too.

Vampire Facials provided by Schenck Beauty are the newest beauty trend sweeping the country.

Despite the scary name, a Vampire Facial can give you scary good results.  Our blood has platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in it that helps our bodies heal.  This plasma encourages new cellular development with stem cells and growth factors.  It stimulates collagen growth, cell production and repair.  Vampire facials isolate your PRP and apply it to the areas that need those healing powers. 

The facial combines these benefits with the FDA approved technology of the SkinPen.  It uses controlled micro-needling to activate the body’s natural healing process.  Then the PRP reinforces your healing capabilities to restore your skin and hair to its youth.

“Our patients are absolutely amazed with the results!  It’s the safest, most effective way to recapture your youthful look,” said Dr. Emilie Schenck, owner of Schenck Beauty.

“The SkinPen is the only device capable of needling deep enough to give a better, younger texture to your skin.  Adding your plasma will maximize those effects for quick and lasting results.  Afterwards, using the SkinFuse skincare routine helps keep you looking great.”

No need to hide behind a costume this year.  Schenck Beauty will help you feel confident with this all-natural solution. No chemicals or wordy medicines to worry about. 

Reduce wrinkles and uneven skin tone.  Diminish scars and decrease hyperpigmentation.  Restore hair density and lip volume.

It’s the natural healing power of your body helping you look young with no risk of allergic reaction.

It’s a quick and incredible way to turn back time.  Treat yourself today to the newest and best way to stay young.

Schenck Beauty is located inside Rosé Beautique at 200 Greenleaves Blvd. Suite 12.

Call (985)778-0109 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

“I was blown away by the immediate results and Emilie’s professional approach! My jawline was more defined, my brows lifted, and I have the full lips I took for granted 20 years ago. All-natural and no fillers! I’d definitely recommend this and will do it again.” – Jenny O.

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