What most doctors know

Upwards of 85 percent of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, cancer, auto-immune diseases, and cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death in the U.S. – are all lifestyle related.

This means they can be reversed and prevented, and more often than not with just a change in diet. After all, FOOD is information. FOOD is medicine. FOOD can cause disease. And FOOD CAN CURE.

Simply consider how all the pounds of “stuff” you consume daily can impact your health. Couple this with the fact that Western doctors are not taught about prevention, nutrition or the importance of the gut and its microbes, and it is easy to see why the causes of disease and how to best modulate them are not being addressed.

Doctors practice by asking what

Cardiologists, along with all doctors of Western medicine are used to asking “What”.  WHAT medications can I prescribe and WHAT tests can be ordered.

We then prescribe a guidelines-based one-size-fits-all treatment that fits into the average 10-minute office visit and that involves no dietary or nutrition education and little to no medical judgment on the part of the doctor.

This is not healthcare – it’s disease management.

Functional & Integrative Doctors ask why

Functional & Integrative doctors ask “Why”. WHY does the patient present with a particular set of symptoms and conditions, while looking to treat, reverse, and prevent disease from its root cause.

Apply this Functional and Integrative Medicine knowledge to cardiovascular disease and you trigger a whole new paradigm shift. A cutting edge, science-based, way of treating cardiovascular disease at its root cause that puts the patient at the center of their health and wellness – as opposed to simply resorting to medicating symptoms.

Cardiologist in South Florida

There are more than 600 cardiovascular physicians in South Florida WORKING FOR hospital corporations, large specialty groups, and private-equity firms as paid employees. All of them practicing the same decades old one-size-fits all, medication-based treatment of symptoms.

There is ONLY ONE Cardiologist in South Florida that has dismissed the status quo of disease management and practices patient centered Cardiology. Fellowship-trained and Board Certified in both Integrative Medicine (at the University of Arizona) and Functional Medicine (at Institute of Functional Medicine) Dr. Bordenave WORKS in partnership with you and FOR YOU.

Dr. Jorge Bordenave offers 21st century CardioVascular care that addresses the interconnectivity of the mind, body, and soul – one patient at a time.

Contact Dr. Bordenave

The medical offices of Dr. Jorge Bordenave are located at 8720 N. Kendall Dr., Suite 115, Miami, FL 33176. For information, call 305-446-2444 or visit www.drbordenave.com.

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