By Laine Morris

Let’s get the cat out of the bag at the get-go ­–100% sustainable in fashion is a myth.  Why? When you do your laundry, microfibers get infused into the environment.  You also use water, electricity, and detergent (unless it’s eco-friendly) to wash clothes.  However, a little goes a long way and by understanding sustainability in fashion, you can do your bit.

There are two sides to sustainability: 1 The Brand, 2 The Consumer

Brands need to think about creating fashion that is fair to humanity and the environment.  They must think about leaving the lightest carbon footprint.

You, the consumer, need to be more aware of what you are buying.  Read up on the philosophies that the brands you invest in, hold close.

Buy Local – When you support small businesses you encourage brands that truly need your support.You also help reduce carbon emissions by reducing the pollution caused by transportation.


Choose 100% Recyclable Materials – There is no technology to separate different fibers. 

Fair Trade Is Fair Fashion – When a worker is paid fairly it improves his quality of life.This restores balance and promotes more love and joy in the world.

Take it slow – Buy a few good things that will last you a long time.Look for versatile, quality pieces that you can mix up and use well.

Look for Organic Cotton – It’s always a better option for both your skin and the environment as it is natural and free from pesticides.But beware because organic cotton can be dyed and treated with toxic chemicals.Read before you buy.

Question yourself before you buy that next piece of clothing – “do i really need this?

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