By Elizabeth Impastato

The color that you are attracted to can tell others about your personality.  Color can evoke different emotional responses depending on what part of the world you are living.  The use of color in art can create a mood that connects you with the artist. 

Just a few fun revelations about how your personality relates to color.  If you are attracted to the color: 

Coral: You have a unique, unconventional, sociable nature. 

Maroon: The color of ambition and confidence making you seem opinionated at times.

Pink: You are a true romantic full of care and sensitivity.

Each person has a varying degree of emotional responses to color hue, saturation and brightness.  In the U.S., Yellow is associated with the sun and considered cheerful.  If yellow is your favorite color, you are known to be creative, flexible and happy.  In France, yellow evokes a different emotion.  The feeling of betrayal dates back to the 10th century.  The color yellow was painted on homes of criminals. 

The color Blue is popular in people that are sincere, loyal and perfectionist.  Blue is considered calming, due to the association with natural elements.  Blue can evoke sadness or aloofness.  Pablo Picasso’s works during his “blue period,” 1901 to 1904, with his use of blue and blue-green seem to reflect his own melancholy mood.  Claude Monet used green to create refreshing, tranquil landscapes in his art.  Georgia O’Keeffe’s use of light purple in her artwork of flowers created a tranquil emotional response.  Red and Orange used by Mark Rothkocan create passion and are attention grabbing hues.  Henri Matisse, is known for changing attitudes toward use of color.  He said, “ When I put down green it doesn’t mean grassland, when I put down blue it doesn’t mean sky.”

IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY offers private painting and drawing lessons making a great gift for you or a friend.

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Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy is the art gallery of Mandeville, Louisiana.  The gallery sells only one of a kind original art.  Impastato Gallery offers private painting lessons and the “Drawing Journey” designed by Eric Mondello.

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