Many people have heard of the thyroid, but few know how this gland impacts their bodies. To maintain good health, both individuals and practitioners are encouraged to become better educated about possible thyroid issues, causes and treatments.

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system. This gland transforms the iodine that you consume into two hormones: thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine(T3). These hormones are released into your body to regulate the speed at which your body functions. When too much of the hormone is released, the body’s functions speed up, causing hyperthyroidism. Conversely, when too little of the hormone is released, the body’s functions slow down. This is known as hypothyroidism. 

In both cases, the imbalance of hormones can lead to problems. People affected by hyperthyroidism may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

• Weight loss 

• Persistent vomiting 

• Increased blood pressure 

• Increased perspiration

• Enlarged liver

• Hair loss  

• Persistent fast heart rate

When the body’s functions slow down due to hypothyroidism, people may experience:

• Fatigue 

• Weight gain 

• Short attention span 

• Dry skin

• Thinning hair

• Slow heartbeat

• Numbness 

• Cold intolerance

If you have thyroid issues, you can work with an endocrinologist to rebalance your hormone levels and curtail these symptoms. The first step to healing is understanding your current hormone levels.

Armed with data about thyroid and element levels, an endocrinologist will recommend the right course of action for bringing hormone levels back into balance. Treatment options may include a variety of drug treatments, iodine treatment or, in extreme situations, surgical removal of the thyroid. During the early stages of treatment, medication dosage levels frequently need to be adjusted to meet the very specific hormone levels the body needs to stay in balance. It usually takes several weeks of treatment for symptoms to subside.

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