I was first diagnosed with depression when I was 16. This diagnosis came shortly after my birthday, which was incredibly difficult. I was put on medication to help relieve my suffering. My therapist suggested taking up fitness as a way to help alleviate my symptoms. At this time, I decided to start my blog, Run Therapy (www.runtherapy.co.uk) as a way to keep myself motivated. I enjoy finding and sharing inspiring fitness posts and posting my own journey.

tashaMy blog grew to be my outlet. I share my journey of recovery and healthy living with thousands of followers on the internet. I’m thankful for messages I receive from people saying how I’ve inspired them because they too struggle with depression. It’s fulfilling to know that my experiences can help others make  positive changes within their own lives. Last October, I ran a half marathon for The Blurt Foundation (www.blurtitout.org), a charity that helps those struggling with depression. It was a way for me to fight back and overcome the illness that broke me down for so many years.

Through blogging, I realized I wanted to write inspiring articles on health and wellbeing as a career in the future. I find it bizarre how depression went from being my weakness to becoming my strength. Even though it was something extremely difficult to go through in my teenage years, it made me the happy woman I am today.”

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