By Chad Ruiz


Few places offer the full complement of holistic healing and prevention procedures as The Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge and Mandeville, LA.  Even fewer provide total body thermography—the latest advancement in detecting disease processes. 

Clients don’t just walk into The Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge, they float through the door, captivated by its atmosphere.  Lamps, easy chairs, wooden floors, plants and wooden furniture maintain this cozy environment.

“So many people have white coat syndrome but you won’t have that coming to our office,” Dr. Karin Nielsen said, founder and director of the center.  “Even children love our office because it’s not your typical white, sterile environment. Because it’s such a busy world, I created a place where people can shut it all down for 30 minutes to an hour.”

Sure the furniture comforts and invites you in, but it’s really the staff and their services who’ve kept customers returning some 10 years now. The first thing most clients see as they enter the lobby is a smiling face.

“Our staff are very warm. We care about each individual that comes in the door. We stay focused and we determine and treat the cause of the issue,” Dr. Nielsen said.  “Usually, someone will come in because of a single issue but often, in the process of assessing that issue, we discover that it’s caused by other things going wrong in the body.”

Once Dr. Nielsen pinpoints the reason for the ailment, she and her talented team develops a treatment plan that addresses the condition.

“I love working with digestion disorders like reflux, constipation and IBS. We also help patients with their skin conditions, adrenal thyroid issues (hormones), yeast issues, parasites, liver problems, organ issues, breast concerns, prostate, sinus, immune and autoimmune disorders,” Dr. Nielsen said.

Some of The Wellness Centre’s products and services include full body health assessments, total body thermography, lymphatic therapy, detox foot baths, sauna sessions and AmpCoil sound therapy sessions.  Because of the pain and discomfort associated with mammograms, screening breasts using thermography is trending across the country and thankfully, Dr. Nielsen provides screenings at both locations. Additionally, The Wellness Centre offers a “Reset Your Health” program where “we’ll go through the year resetting certain systems of the body,” Dr. Nielsen said. Talk about an effective New Year’s resolution!

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nielsen, call 225-229-6107 or visit their website at

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