By Shirin Mehdi

“To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu.

Do you long for moments of peace and quiet where you can find yourself and be one with nature? 

Set in nature, yoga retreats help strengthen your connection with yourself.  They give you the opportunity to find your true purpose.  You find the space to heal and clear the clutter from your mind thereby finding a renewed sense of peace and calm.  You bounce back feeling rejuvenated.

Convinced?  Then take a look at these beautiful properties that offer some of the best yoga retreats.

Rolling Meadows Yoga, Meditation, & Breath Work Retreats
100 acres of countryside landscape offer a complete spiritual renewal with yoga and meditation.  There are gardens full of flowers and organic vegetables.  There are sheep grazing around the farmhouse-style accommodation.

You’ll have large living rooms, libraries, sunrooms, swimming ponds, walking paths and well-lit meditation rooms at your disposal.  In the cold months, you can go skiing and bask in wood-fired saunas.

This retreat provides vegetarian food and they cater to special diets.   The center conducts silent retreats that allow you to disconnect with the world so you can completely reconnect with yourself.  Their retreats start at $725.

83 Sullivan Road, Brooks, Maine 04921, Phone: 888-666-6412.

White Lotus Foundation Mountain Retreat Center
Set in Santa Barbara, California overlooking the spectacular Pacific Ocean, you can surrender to the wonders of nature in the sprawling 40 acres of the resort.  You can choose from campsites in wilderness, yurts or indoor accommodations with state-of-the-art amenities.

The White Lotus offers at least six different retreats around the year.  They mix it up with yoga, Thai massage, meditation and Pranayama (breathing).  The property is a treat for the soul offering spring water, swimming holes and isolated spots where you can spend quality time with yourself.  There are also hiking trails, hot tub and saunas with incredible views around the area.  The resort takes a holistic approach.  You get gourmet meals (all vegetarian) as a part of the package.

Their exclusive spiritual retreats are sure to entice your inner being.  Weekend retreats start at $700.

2500 San Marcos Pass, Santa Barbara, California 93105, Phone: 805-964-1944.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Kripalu offers a wide range of yoga retreats for both individuals as well as groups.  Here, you can widen your awareness and learn more about yoga and holistic living.  Their large campus rambling across 150 acres has a plethora of different landscapes, ranging from lake fronts to hilltops.

You can choose from different programs that include yoga, integrative weight loss, mindful eating, detox for health and healing, creation of a resilient life and more.  Pick a level that suits you best – ranging from beginner to advanced.  Kripalu also offers restorative courses for those suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s and cancer.

With a variety of different activities available at their campus, their basic weekend stay starts at $95 per night.

57 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262, Phone: 866-200-5203.

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