14.11.12_Fitness_Dakota_Look3_063r14.11.12_Fitness_Dakota_Look3_063rThis spring mix up your style by taking some of your favorite fitness wardrobe pieces and blending them with your daytime stylewear. Over the past few seasons sportswear has taken on a whole new direction with an aesthetic for those seeking more style and sass in their sportswear. Not only will this motivate you to go to the gym, but it will be an easier transition going from the gym to your daily routine.

It is Spring and you may want to wear your favorite comfy joggers out and about while shopping without looking frumpy! So… here’s the solution. “Mix and Mesh” your sportswear with a stylish counterpart from your existing wardrobe. This may be a high end accessory piece such as a handbag or heels. Perhaps it’s a top you recently purchased? This may sound a bit too edgy, but it works and the key to success is keeping a visual balance. For every sporty piece you wear, counter balance it with the a stylish opposite. A designer handbag, some fashion footwear, or perhaps some glitzy jewelry. Own your style, make it unique and make it you! Embrace your confidence and rock your “sportswear meets style” all Spring Season.












By Whitney Alexandra

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